[Throwback] How you balance being Batman, Bruce Wayne?

Forget all the albums, this might be my favorite Cole project. This, Cole Summer, Kenny Lofton, and Chris Tucker are underrated and under-appreciated tracks from a rapper who I feel is both of things despite his success (double platinum….WITH NO FEATURES).

It’s hard to explain why I feel that way but I’ll try.

In a rap landscape with megastars like Drake and Kanye and emerging talent like Yachty and Uzi whose style of rapping is at the forefront of the genre right now, Cole’s traditional rap formula (production and commitment to lyricism) is something that may be falling to the wayside. Somehow it doesn’t, though. He’s a likable dude who doesn’t sound too much like 90s hip-hop to be boring but doesn’t sound too new to turn old heads away. He’s the best of both worlds and this track in particular is something that I feel showcases that.

Hopefully a new album is coming soon.