I go to Gucci to mingle

A lot of 2 Chainz songs make me happy for some reason lately. “Chirp” and “Big Amount” off his last mixtape, this and “Good Drank” off this one.

I was listening to this at the work the other day when I was feeling kinda down because was trash on the highest of keys and it instantly brightened up my mood. I went from sadly climbing up a ladder to get a sweater off the top shelf to hittin’ them folks while standing on the “do not stand” part.

It was a risk worth taking.

Also, K Swisha is gonna be the next Metro Boomin. You heard it here first. Between the stuff he’s produced for Madeintyo and 2 Chainz (aka the self-proclaimed Trife God AND Drench God), he’s a producer that has made hits and will continue making them once more artists realize the level he’s about to be on.