[Anniversary] My sophomore they was all for it, they all saw it

This album changed my life.

I had anticipated its release since Headlines was released as the second single in July of 2011. On the day it dropped, I went to Best Buy as soon as it opened and bought the deluxe edition which came with a YMCMB shirt, which I do not own anymore unfortunately.

Take Care came during a time where my life was really starting to begin. I had turned 18 recently, I started college; the future seemed bright. Drake was starting to find his pocket as an artist at a time where me and others that were in the same age range were starting to find theirs as individuals. This is an album of celebration, reflection, sadness, happiness, and fear. At a time of life as uncertain as college, the range of emotions featured meant that there was a song for everything.

Happy 5th birthday, Take Care. Your impact is still felt today.