[Throwback] Got NSYNC dancin on my neck

With the release of his debut album Stoney only weeks away, I decided to revisit a slapper that he dropped last holiday season.

I can say with almost 100 percent certainty that no artist has said that his diamonds are so luminescent that they dance similar to the great pop groups of the 90s when the light hits.

A friend of mine tweeted in the spring of 2015 that Post Malone is a modern day folk hero. After hearing tracks like Tear$ and Holyfield and watching him perform live at Fool’s Gold Day Off in Brooklyn, that sentiment was confirmed.

His talents span many genres and the kid has a rich musical palette. Anywhere from Fleetwood Mac reworks to some trap-style bangers, young Austin Post is a star with crossover appeal, no two ways about it.

Album coming soon.