Fall back shooter like KD, back in the kitchen with the Curry

Before this song came out, I knew it was going to be a classic. Once the album dropped and that intergalatic DJ Spinz production came on, that sentiment was instantly confirmed. With the Draco being the weapon du jour in hip hop, Futch capitalized on it and turned it into a hit.


Super Future Fire Marshal Future Future Hendrix The Wizard is back with another LP and sure, the critics are gonna say that a lot of the tracks sound similar but it’s purposeful. It’s done to create a cohesive project that easily flows from one track to the next. Production from the usual suspects (Southside, Metro, Zaytoven, DJ Spinz, etc) makes it feel more like an album rather than a collection of songs classified as one. It’s taken me a few listens to truly get into it, but now I’m really on board with this project and it’s all basically I’ve listened to since it dropped.

Draco is undoubtedly a standout. The production is one thing but we always seems to forget that this man has so many flows and cadences, it’s ridiculous. The little embellishments he’ll do at the end of lines is crazy, too. Take the title of this post for example; those little vocal inflections are key in creating music that people can really vibe to and create memories.  He has the knack for making not only the hook catchy, but the verses as well. It’s something that sets him apart from most artists in the game and has kept him at the forefront of the rap genre and the music world for the last 4 years.

Put this on and turn your 9-5 into a video shoot. Just wile out; go crazy.