I got new bags and they all collabs 

On the second episode of his Beats1 show “Blonded,” Frank debuted a surprise new track. As an artist who famously took a 4 year break between albums, the release of this song and a recurring radio show is encouraging for Frank fans who want to see and hear more from him. This makes two Frank Ocean songs (along with Calvin Harris’s “Slide”) in the last handful of weeks which is an output that we aren’t to seeing from the reclusive artist.

He deleted his social media years ago, only his Tumblr account remaining, so it seems like 2017 is going to be the year that he begins to bridge the communication gap between him and fans with both the radio show and an increased Tumblr presence.

This is a different style than we heard in Blond(e) with increased percussion featured and more of a rap-style delivery that he has been known to incorporate from time to time (Oldie, Siegfried, Songs For Women, etc). I’ve already played it more than a handful of times already today and I only downloaded the song a little over a hour ago.




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