[Throwback] You know I’m Party, I don’t just wanna chill

The hours on this Thursday night are waning meaning there’s still time to post a throwback. My mind was jockeying back and forth between ideas and in recent hours I came to a decision.

Since his mysterious introduction to the world in 2013, PARTYNEXTDOOR has emerged into a star with Grammy nominations as a performer and a songwriter to his credit and a burgeoning pop presence with features on Major Lazer and Zayn records (“Run Up” and “Still Got Time”). With every release, he is growing as a singer and producer by merging together R&B, soul, pop, trap, dancehall, and rap into a beautiful musical amalgam. His latest full-length project P3 truly showcases the plethora of talent that he possesses.

I was listening to a lot of PARTY today and when I decided I was going to do a throwback post, it was hard to zone in on a particular track at first. After some simultaneous thinking and listening, Persian Rugs was my selection.

This track was released early 2014, more than half a year after the release of his self-titled debut project. I was already a fan after hearing it and ten songs can only keep you entertained for so long so when this dropped, I was very excited. It’s always interesting to see what an artist does after his/her initial release and after hearing this, it exceeded expectations; I wasn’t hearing anything like this at the time.


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