It’s just a wave…

After four years on a Search For Everything, John Mayer is back with his seventh studio album. The complete project was released Friday after releasing the first eight songs over two “waves” earlier this year.

Before I get into talking about the album itself, let me just say that that rollout was innovative in that big chunks of music accompanied by merch is something that I have never seen done (Big Sean also did this during the lead-up to his I Decided album). It gives fans more music to keep them satiated before the full LP is released as opposed to releasing the tried-and-true “two singles and then the album” type of deal.

This album, to me, is a combination of Paradise Valley and Born and Raised; twangy guitars, bluesy riffs, and melancholic lyrics pervade and it makes you believe that this album is not so much the conclusion of his “Search” but merely the start. Songs like “Still Feel Like Your Man” and “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me” are closed-door reflections on a past love (or loves). Others like “Helpless,” “In The Blood,” and “Changing” are songs that are forcing John to look in the mirror and say: “This is why I am the way I am.” This album is a truly a means of catharsis for a man who looks like he is finally getting to a place where he can be happy with himself and rid himself of feelings he has harbored over the years.


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