A little bit about me…

Zach Higgins

I majored in English at Binghamton University with a concentration in Rhetoric. While at school, I co-produced Gametime, a sports talk television program for BTV and co-hosted The Sports Grill, a sports talk radio show on WHRW, the campus radio station. Early in my college career, I wrote and copy edited for the New Paltz Oracle while attending SUNY Paltz and was a contributing writer for Binghamton University’s Pipe Dream.

Since graduating, my jobs have taken me to places I’ve never thought I’d be and have had me doing things I’d never thought I’d do: running around behind the scenes at concerts, walking around in a bear mascot costume, and even awkwardly standing around at a biker gathering. Pepsi and Pamal Broadcasting have taught me a lot about the world and the varying ways that people experience it; I listen to their stories and hear their perspective. I guess standing behind a table with a radio station logo or a truck with bright beverage-themed vinyl wrap brings it out of people.

In recent years, I have wanted to pursue a career in marketing, specifically social media. The experience I have from other positions have showed me how marketing and advertising directly affects the consumer. The whole interaction of product and person occurs in the split second their eyes meet the table and their ears hear what I have to say which is something invaluable.

I bet if you’re reading this you’re wondering if I have any interests or hobbies and whatnot. Well, guess what? I do! I am an avid music listener and my favorite artists are Drake, Kanye West, The Beatles, Frank Ocean, and others. Feel free to debate any music topic with me, it will be an experience. I also very much appreciate fashion with sneakers, black t-shirts, and jeans being my uniform of sorts. Lastly, I am a big Mets and Knicks fan still waiting a championship to occur during my lifetime.

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